How to install TRYGG tire chains? New animated video is here!

Didžiausiame vasaros ralyje Lietuvoje nugalėjo Vaidoto ir Žygimanto Žalų ekipažas. Jie aštuntame greičio ruože aplenkė dėl techninių problemų daug laiko praradusius Martyną Samsoną su Mindaugu Varža ir iki pat finišo įrodinėjo savo pranašumą.

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When we buy new tire chains, the relevent question is "How to mount them on tire?". It is very important not just install the chain on tire, but to do it CORRECTLY. If we do not pay attention to mounting instructions and install them unresponsibly, the chain can harm tire, break itself, damage the vehicle or even injure people.

TRYGG Scan Trac for your winter season

LIGHT AND STRONG truck and bus chain TRYGG Scan Trac! Use area: goods and personal transportation. Highway traction and front wheel steering application.
TRYGG Scan Trac is the lightest chain of its kind on the market. It's made exclusively of the best alloys.

Sand Spreader IGLAND DS 800 / 1400

It is a self-loading sand spreaders which can be fitted on a front loader or on the rear of the tractor. IGLAND offers DS 800 as suitable for medium-sized tractors and DS 1400 for medium-sized to large tractors.

TRYGG Giant-U for foresters!

Giant-U! Skidder chain with extra wide U-studs that prevent the links leaning over.
Wide stud stance penetrates ice and frozen terrain.

Chain: 16 mm studded chain
Use area: forestry