Snow Clearing chains

 TRYGG Fast Trac (6)

fast trac

Chain: 7 mm, now with 7x9 mm SOLID RECTANGULAR STUDS!
Use area: light forestry / snow clearing

TRYGG Fast Trac comes with 7x9 mm extended rectangular studs (diamond shape), which provide abot 30% larger grip-area! It is the pro's choice for snow clearing. The chain "rolls" easily and meets the road as smooth as possible. It suits well tyres with limited space around them.

 TRYGG Fast Trac has:

  • the hardest studs in its class;
  • the thickest and longest studs in its class. That's why the grip is so good;
  • each side chain can be adjusted in several positions. It is also possible to simply remove a chain section if necessary.

TRYGG Fast Trac can be easily fitted as well on new as on well-worn tyres or when changing to another tyre size.

 TRYGG Safety Grip 7 mm (26)

sfgr2Chain: 7 mm rectangular chain with wear-bars welded on
Use area: light transportation / snow clearing

Our well proven TRYGG Safety Grip 6x7 mm square link chain is available for wide range of tires!

TRYGG Safety Grip made for those who:

  • Need a light chain for a variety of tasks such as local snow removal. yard and field work etc.;
  • don't get enough grip with studded tires;
  • mount and dismount the chain quite often;
  • drive on changing road conditions.

Wear bars on every horizontal link ensure the best possible grip and life length!
BEWARE: hard spinning and off road use may damage the chain.
For heavy work like professional snow removal, off road use and similar, we recommend TRYGG SMT Flexi.
Each of the TRYGG Safety Grip 6x7 chains is made to fit several tire dimensions.The user must in some cases cut the chain to get a proper fit.

 TRYGG Swiss Flexi (13)

8 mm rectangular chain reinforced with extra cross-links and wear-bars
Use area: forestry / snow clearing / transportation

TRYGG Swiss Flexi combines comfort of a light chain with strenght of a convetional snow chain. It is our newly developed, very aggressive 8 mm rectangular chain with studs "everywhere". Superior grip and long lifetime. Each chain is made to fit several tyre sizes. The length must be adjusted according to the instruction when mounitng first time. Use of cutting disc may be necessary.

 TRYGG SMT Flexi (20)

smtf1Chain: 8 / 9,5 mm with oversized studs
Use area: forestry, snow clearing, transportation

TRYGG SMT Flexi is available in 8 and 9,5mm chain. This is an allround tractor chain! 
The user may easily tailor the chain to a perfect fit without the need of any tools!
The chain will fit perfectly on all brands as well as new and worn tires.
All TRYGG SMT Flexi are produced of steel alloys with boron, nickel, chrome and manganese. The studs are oversized to improve on grip and prolong chain life.
Hardened hooks and side chains are standard.
No matter what tire brand or condition. Flexibility combined with the reliability and strength of the TRYGG SMT Standard. The Flexilink makes it possible to adjust the side chain without tools.
Chain tightener is recommended for heavy chains.
Tightening rail is available as an option.

 TRYGG SMT Standard 8-19 mm (90)

smt1Chain: 8 / 9,5 / 11 / 13 / 16 / 19 mm with oversized studs
Use area: forestry / snow clearing / transportation

TRYGG SMT Standard is tractional chain for farming, forestry, construction and snow clearing - excellent traction, smooth riding and virtually trouble free operation!
Made in 8 and 9,5 mm for tire dimension not covered by the SMT Flexi chain.
All SMT versions have oversized studs to increase grip and strength.
Unlike the TRYGG SMT Flexi these chains are made to fit unique tire sizes and no extra adjustments should be necessary on new tires.
Tightening rail is standard for 55 profile and lower and is available for all other tire dimensions as an option.
Chain tightener is recommended for installation of heavy chains.
Pattern in 8 - 9,5 and 11 mm is like on the SMT Flexi.
Pattern in 13 - up is like on the photo above.

 TRYGG Super Double Duty (30)

super dd

7mm chain with 8mm round studs. Can also be delivered with rectangular studs
Use area: goods and personal transportation / snow clearing

TRYGG Super Double Duty is the same as TRYGG Super, although with more cross chains than regular version! That gives improved grip. It is made of superior quality steel, which is used in all parts of the chain. Our  technology allows us to reduce the weight maintianing the renowned TRYGG quality. Oversized studs provide up to 25% larger wear-surface than regular snow chains.
Cam rails are optional.

 TRYGG Super Grizzly (28)

super grizzly


Chain: 7 mm (8 mm studs)
Use area: rescue / road assistance / snow clearing

About 40 cross-chains per tire, which is 3 times more than the hard requirements of the Norwegian Standard.
TRYGG Super Grizzly chain has hardened 8mm side hooks, hardened 6 mm side chain and 7 mm specialy hardened cross chains with 7x9 mm square studs. More tire dimensions on demand. For use on heavy trucks under extreme conditions!


 TRYGG Standard Double Duty (18)

standard dd


Chain: 5 / 5,5 / 6 / 8 / 9,5 mm with round studs
Use area: goods and personal transportation


Our TRYGG Standard Double Duty tire chain with a double amount of cross-chains. The smallest sizes fit well to forklifts, small snowblowers, lawn tractors etc. Comes with chain diameter from 5 up to 9,5 mm.
The chain is now fully upgraded with the oversized quality studs, cross chain and side chain. Which means that the chain is stronger than ever before!
Cam rails are optional.

 TRYGG SM2D (58)



Chain: 11 / 13 / 16 mm with extra thick studs
Use area: forestry / snow clearing / construction

TRYGG SM2D is heavy duty traction chain. It produced of steel using boron, nickel, chrome and manganese. Hardened in our new sophisticated hardening furnaces.
Optional sidewall protection on forestry tires.
Tightening rail is standard for 55 profile and lower and is available for all other dimensions as an option. A separate chain tightener is recommended for chain installation.

 TRYGG Square Ice (90)



Chain: 10 / 11,5 mm square link chain
Use area: snow clearing / construction

TRYGG Square Ice chain is made of square link chain. It is hardened twice in order to achieve the desired quality and extended liftime. This  chain can and should be used on both sides. Good driving comfort, durability and light weight are strong sides of this product. 
TRYGG Square Ice is well suited for machines with little space between the wheels and fenders. Tightening chain is standard. We recommend use of our chain tightener when mounting heavier chains!

 TRYGG Grouser (16)



Chain: 9,5 mm rings and drop forged grousers
Use area: snow clearing / construction

TRYGG Grouser is the ultimate in snow-clearing comfort. This durable chain is designed for use on paved roads and can handle anything from mountain passes to bike paths. The drop forged grousers are formed after the 9,5 mm links to prevent them from lying down. They are wide and rounded underneath to avoid tire-damage. 
Tightening rail is standard. Chain tightener is recommended for heavy chains.