Nosted group

Nosted grupe

Nosted Grupė is an organization consisting of 9 independent companies. Nøsted Kjetting as owns 100% of the shares in each of the 8 other members of the group.


TRYGGN├Ėsted logo cs6Nosted Kjetting AS, Mandal, Norway produces and sells chains for various purposes.

IglandIgland AS, Grimstad, Norway  is known especially for its forestry winches. A variety of new equipment for forestry, snow clearing, lifting and road maintenance has newly been developed.


FramFRAM Kjaettingfabriken AS, Kragerø Industripark, Norway is a producer and supplier of chain and accessories for lifting, aquaculture, deep sea fishing and trawling.


Mandal maskineringMandal Maskinering AS, Mandal, Norway is specialized in metal cutting and machining for industrial and off shore oil exploration purposes.

Orsa LinkOrsa Link AB, Orsa, Sweden sells chain lashing equipment.

Nosted mechanikaNosted mechanika UAB, Utena, Lithuania. Manufactures tire chains and chains for other purposes. Produces most of Igland’s products.

Caine SelectChaine Select inc. Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. Assembles and sells tire chains in Canada and the USA.

White Mountain ChainWhite Mountain Chain, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, USA. Sells TRYGG chains and accessories produced by Nøsted Group.

Marwin Lifting AS      Marwin Lifting AS, Sannidal, Norway, produces, sell and perform inspection and certification of all types of lifting equipment. Marwin Lifting AS is exclusive manufacturer of Slingmax® products in Scandinavia.