About us

Nosted Mechanika, Utena, Lithuania was established in 2003 as a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the Norwegian chain manufacturing company Nøsted Kjetting AS famous for the TRYGG chains.

                                                Promo video of Nosted mechanika production

Nosted Mechanika has a fully integrated chain production ranging from 5 to 50 mm plus a mechanical work shop with a wide range of capacities.

We also are a certified mechanical sub contractor for marine applications.

Nosted Mechanika also produce Igland machines and equipment for forestry, snow, lift and road maintenance. All our products comply with EU Machinery Directive (CE mark). Igland products are exported to large parts of Europe, South Africa, South America, USA and Canada.

Nosted Mechanika sell Igland, TRYGG and FRAM products (all brands in the Nosted Group) as well as our own products to the Eastern European Market.


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