IGLAND AS was established in 1947 by Per Igland and has its headquarters in Grimstad, Norway. The company has 65 years  of experience as a developer and manufacturer of its products and are sold worldwide. IGLAND AS has been leading in efficient operating techniques for agricultural tractors and IGLAND forestry winches are famous worldwide. Per Igland, the company’s founder was in 1981 awarded the King's Medal of Merit in gold for his development of methods, machines and equipment for forestry. In addition has IGLAND AS developed products for snow removal, lifting and road maintenance.


IGLAND AS is owned by Nøsted Kjetting AS Mandal. IGLAND AS is a company with extensive experience in various fields of production and has employees with years of experience in development and production. All our products comply with EU Machinery Directive (CE mark) and our structures are designed using AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design. The export share is approximately 25% of our turnover of approx. 80 million NOK a year.


IGLAND exports to Europe, South Africa, South America, the United States and Canada. For further information contact IGLAND.


4201 forest

IGLAND has a wide variety of forest winches for skidding and hauling logs from the forest. All winches are adapted the farm tractor's standard three-point hitch.

IGLAND forestry winch has become a familiar tool to farmers engaged in forestry and wood production. IGLAND winch has experience in forestry since the 1950's and has developed into a popular utility tool worldwide. IGLAND has a large customer base both in Norway and abroad where we are working to meet our customers' needs and wishes. The winches are available in several different sizes and designs so that the customer can choose the right winch for the tasks at hand.

The models in this presentation are marketed in several countries. The images may therefore show variations in the design. IGLAND reserves the right to make changes to the design/specifications.


65WS wood

IGLAND is a supplier of different firewood splitter intended for forest farmer.

IGLAND offers 3 different Splitters with tractor as a power source. Our models can be found on the left menu: WS 65, WS 90, WR 6.

IGLAND hase also a firewood processor WP 3000 that cuts and splits logs in a process and is easy to use. WP 3000 recommended to the excavator, but can also be used on the front loader of a tractor. 

 ROAD (9)

RB2870 road



IGLAND has recently developed several new products in road and snow. We are currently producing two-stage snowblower, rear blade, sand spreaders and v-plow for front loader, and will come with new exciting news in the future.

 LIFT (16)

FLH 115


We produce a range of products for lifting equipment for loading. Pallet Fork, Multi Grapple, Timber, to name a few. You choose which bracket for loads you need, we have them all.